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Respawn and Repeat

Respawn and Repeat is a Horde guild on Earthen Ring server. We are a mixed group of mature (18+) casual and some more hardcore players who participate in both PvE and PvP content. We value players of all levels and invite potential members to apply to our guild. Our players make up a strong, cohesive team that gets together most nights to run instances, or raids, or just have fun. We value kindness, fair play and respect for others over loot or in-game success. We work toward ensuring a positive environment in which everyone can have fun and enjoy the game.

The requirements for our members are quite simple. Each of our members is asked to treat all players they encounter in game, whether in guild or out, with respect. We encourage our members to participate in groups, raids, and PvP content. We value maturity, a good sense of humor and fun, and a willingness to help.

In order to foster a positive guild environment, we require a certain standard of mature behavior from all guild members. No drama. Insults or offensive language in forums, guild chat, raid chat, are not allowed. Direct insults or abusive actions are considered grounds for removal from the guild.

The leadership and members also work to create an environment in which players help each other. Everyone's common goal of success in game endeavors and an appreciation for the friendships within our guild community is the motivation that pushes our members to help each other and makes us a united team. Anything that is crafted or enchanted or farmed for one person makes all of us stronger and more able to work towards success.

If you like what you just read, please come join us! Click on the link at the left and fill out our guild application :)

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